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Join two Incredible Master Teachers, James and Tony together in beautiful Santa Fe, NM for a life changing experience.  

September 12  -  14, 2022
10 AM - 5 pm
Location: SITE Santa Fe, Santa Fe New Mexico

*Room/Board not included

Magic of Your Soul


Express the life you were meant to live!


In this very first of its kind three-day in person workshop, two of the world's master teachers James Van Praagh and Tony Stockwell join forces in opening you up to and reinforcing your connection to the "higher worlds" of your soul. 

Every soul comes into this physical world with a unique gift and ability to harness the magic of the soul while traversing their human experience. When one begins to live a life from their "soul" perspective instead of a "human" perspective, life takes on a greater meaning and understanding.  

This Workshop is open to all levels of those on their spiritual journey, whether you're new to the journey or an experienced medium.

This transformational workshop is designed to support each student in discovering and expanding their capacity to be emotionally and spiritually centered in the spiritual soul each day.

In this Workshop:

  • Learn to transform unconscious patterns that block us from living the life we're meant to live.

  • Learn to surrender to the wisdom of your soul. 

  • Become aware and work directly with your "spirit team" through soul-to-soul connection, utilizing their eternal wisdom on your spiritual path. 

  • Be guided to an awareness of a greater purpose in your life.

  • Live in your purpose as a soul having a human experience.

  • Feel unconditional love and inner peace as you go through your day.​


The deepest understanding of soul’s unconditional love, and its capacity to transform, is experienced fully through conscious presence in our human journey.

This workshop can change your life and be the gateway to the Spiritual Path you were meant to travel.

Join two Master Teachers together:  James Van Praagh, Legendary Medium, Author, Producer, and Teacher also known as one of the original pioneers of Mediumship and Tony Stockwell, UK’s Trance Medium, Medium, Author, and Master Teacher.  

This is only the beginning of the Journey.........

For more info on James Van Praagh visit: 

For more info on Tony Stockwell visit:

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